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NASA is a world leader in new technology development, the source of thousands of innovations spanning electronics, software, materials, manufacturing, and much more.

Here’s why you should partner with NASA Tech Briefs — NASA’s official magazine of new technology:

Editorial Content — We publish 3x more articles per issue than any other design engineering publication and 70% is groundbreaking content from NASA. As information sources proliferate and compete for the attention of time-strapped engineers, NASA Tech Briefs’ unique, compelling content ensures your marketing message will be seen and read.

Circulation — Our distribution is unmatched. With more than 180,000 BPA-audited subscribers, NASA Tech Briefs is your gateway to the global design community. Tech Briefs Media Group and our parent, SAE International, reach over 1,200,000 engineers worldwide. No one else comes close.

Decision-Making and Purchasing Power — NASA Tech Briefs targets engineers at the front end of the design process, when critical decisions are made on specs and vendors. 100% have product specifying authority.

Cross-Discipline Coverage — Tech Briefs provides a mechatronics approach to design content that is directly aligned with how today’s design teams are structured.